Thursday, October 28, 2010

So Busy

The fall season was in full swing here then we got hit by a few days of Indian summer this week. I am enjoying it while it lasts; lots of time outside. We went pumpkin picking with our resident artist and little 'un in tow. Totally forgot to take any pictures while we were there but I did get some rather cute ones of little 'un "helping" us carve our pumpkins I'm going to save those until Halloween so it will be a cool jack-o-lantern post. We are all set for Halloween besides a foot of my cloak that STILL needs to be finished and I'm running out of time!

Just got back from Rhyme Time at our local library. Cute songs and stories for the toddler bunch. We are lucky to have such a nice children's librarian. We have a lot of libraries around where I live but most of them don't want children to come in! Isn't that silly, little 'un got exited one day to be in the library and we got hissed at by some librarian who then made us feel so unwelcome as parents that I vowed I would never go back. Why bother having a well stocked children's section if you don't want them to come and take out the books?

Good news has hit hubby has gotten a new job, with a pay raise and good benefits. We are looking forward to having a semblance of our normal routine once again. We were going just a little insane for the lack of order. The house is messier than I have let it get in a long time which I am posting about because being online is how I am procrastinating and not picking it up.

I am going to close with something I haven't done in awhile some things I learned!

1. At rhyme time we learned some really cute songs and poems with gestures. Something I am always trying to do for little 'un because he gets tired of hearing the ones I know all the time.

2. There is a mommy and me gymnastics class a few blocks away. Looking forward to signing little 'un and me up for it. He is off the wall all the time and it will be a great way for him to let off some steam in a productive rather than a destructive way.

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