Thursday, October 7, 2010

Inside I'm Singing!

Alright after that last post of sheer angry frustrated anger/depression at the loss of all that was to be I'm back with a more see the silver lining outlook on life.

Isn't it totally funny how coincidence works out. Having nothing better to do with my time then search my favorites list for some numbing agent to my utter despair with life I stumbled upon I love this site because I can identify with this persons utter awe at the Mama but humans just boggle my mind and sometimes I am at a loss to make the two opposites meet in my mind. Being that I haven't been to the site in a few months I scrolled down a few posts skimming through her poetry most beautiful and found a post with some videos; this post about her battle with anger which is a battle I have fought before and am still fighting today and how she found a purpose toward which to put her anger to the task. Anger isn't a feeling that has no use but despair is; your anger can be used for some good in this world despair just numbs you. It's an important distinction to make. Yes the world has darkness but there is also light and without that darkness the light could never shine. Yes the layoff sets our plans back years and it sucks. No other way to say it; it sucks but it isn't the end of the world and I can't let it totally cloud the fact that the world is a beautiful place.

I'm still (obviously) working on not being such a whiner about everything bad that comes my way. Life is full of challenges and promise, happiness and sadness, but the music goes on and that makes life worth living. So go check out her August 27 post and be uplifted!

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