Saturday, October 9, 2010

Allow Me..

..if you will to wax poetic about my newest obsession; The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. Well to be more precise the television mini series that I was able to watch because Netflix can sometimes be totally awesome. I just love the story, I'm a total sucker for both political dramas and romances. You love to hate the characters because in my opinion none of them are very good people (in the fantasy polarity of good). Prior Phillip is a man of God but still had his own agendas and is at times manipulative. There are few female characters but they are all powerful and Ellen iis just plain epic! The evil guys are beyond redemption, there isn't a shred of human compassion amongst them. But I think this lends a certain believability to the story, the characters all have monumental faults. In other words they are human, fictitious humans with humanity if you would. I have just ordered the book and will tell you all how I like it. I'm thinking that it will be another one of these utterly gaga posts.

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