Thursday, September 30, 2010


Well we all ended up too sick to throw poor little 'un a birthday party so we had to postpone it to this weekend. He ended up with a double ear infection and we had to make a late night run to the ER because I couldn't let him suffer until morning. Three days without sleep and I ended up with the nasty cold that is going around. I'm starting to feel better and getting back into the normal routine, hopefully I will be posting more often as things settle down. Looking forward to Halloween/Samhain this year as always. It's my favorite holiday because I get to dress up. You can take the girl out of the theatre but you can't take the theatre out of the girl! As always we will be going to a ruckus party with our friends before going home to celebrate Samhian with a little more private ritual. This is the first year I will be able to celebrate in my new grove of elder trees, I'm just hoping that this really wet weather is gone by then so I won't get soaked and will be able to bring my drum outside. This is also the first year I have actually had a bodhran to play in circle which is especially exiting. I have been able to coax some interesting things out of it and I'm hoping to know Oscail An Doras by then.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Getting ready for both Mabon and little 'un's birthday party this week so things are once again very hectic around my house. Lots of cleaning and organizing. Worked so hard on my article for Mrs. B and didn't the computer crash and I lost it. (Ok a little whining, still working on not complaining so much!) I had to rewrite it from my notes and memory. I haven't tried to write a well written paper like that since school and I feel that my brain is too fried to do it. I sent it off just a few minutes ago and I hope it's alright!

Looking forward to getting some household projects started this week to finish them before the cold weather sets in. Replacing the railing for the stairwell, painting hanging art and a baby gate so little 'un won't fall down the stairs if he gets out of his big boy bed at night, fixing the screen door on our porch so it won't blow open in the wind. Hoping to find some inspiration from that to post here.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


As per my earlier confession I tried to work a sewing machine; let's suffice it to say that it didn't go well and leave it at that. I will be hand sewing all my projects from now on. Dry ran my recipes for Mabon this week. In fact I have done so much cooking and baking that we will be eating nothing but leftovers the rest of the week because I have used up everything else edible in my cooking and baking. Working really hard on my article for Mrs. B's 31 Days of Halloween. Hoping that I will actually start to type tomorrow now that I have most of my main points down on paper. Planning for little 'un's birthday as well. Got about half of the shopping done already and waiting for hubby's next paycheck to get the fishies! He loves finding Nemo so I thought that I would get him a few fish for his birthday, so that he could watch them all the time and learn a little responsibility in the process. I know that I will be doing the brunt of the care but I am looking forward to adding it into our morning routine. That's all for now!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Confession

Well I have a big old confession to make, it may shock you, just a little. I do not nor have I ever known how to use a sewing machine...... Oh you were hoping for something a little more exciting? Sorry but that is my big deep dark secret for the day, I'm just not that wild of a person. I know, it's sad. But. I digress..... I have never learned how to use a sewing machine. We had to do a project in Home and Careers using one but I always cheated a little and after watching the teacher thread the machine once I always let somebody else go first so I would never have to thread the thing myself. Whenever there was a problem with it somebody else always fixed it for me and well that was the only time I have ever used one of those things. It doesn't matter that I made myself a ritual cloak and mended and had tons of sewing projects over the years. I did it all by hand, I am now rather proficient at hand sewing, but not using a sewing machine which is faster and easier. I'm a total scaredy cat about them so I have never bothered with them since that one project I had to do for school. Well until tonight. Now I have this cute Sew Perfect sewing machine that hopefully has directions on how to thread it still inside and I am going to get over my fear of sewing machines. It says it virtually foolproof and I am hoping that it's true otherwise I'm screwed. I am totally technologically impaired so if something can go wrong it will, I will find a way to break it or somehow mess it up. I'm just good like that! Wish me luck!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just back from the fair!

The Erie Canal Village was having this wonderful thing that they called a Victorian Fair this summer. It turns out some friends whom I had been out of touch with for awhile were performing and invited me to come. I am so glad that I did! It turns out that I knew quite a few of the actors and it was so hard not to run around like a crazy person asking them a whole slew of questions that they wouldn't be able to answer because they were in character. It was wonderfully surreal. Little 'un made quite a few friends a dog named Charlie, two ponies, three horses and a nice lady who gave him a free popcorn. Queen Victoria gave him a commission as an Admiral in the Navy! Just a spectacular day and really hoping that next year I can be counted as one of the performers. Looking forward to getting back into a little acting. My next post will hopefully be longer, going to include some preparations for Mabon. (I know it's weeks away but I always get exited by the changing seasons!)

Friday, September 3, 2010

What a Day!

Been busy all week trying to catch up on the house cleaning that I fell behind on for the last two weeks, and today was no exception! Vacuumed the carpets, cleaned th kitchen top to bottom again, and did a load of laundry. Which wouldn't have been to bad but I was suddenly struck with mysterious stomach cramps for about an hour this morning which isn't that unusual for me, but made me get a little bit of a late start on the chores for the day.

We also had to take our wonderful cats in to see the vets. By Friday of next week they will not have to deal with going into heat ever again. I am thankful beyond measure! Bast was a bit too much to take with all her yowling! We met some really nice people in the waiting room unfortunately one couple was in to put their elderly dog to sleep. I just wish there was something I could have done other than say I was really sorry and try not to cry my eyes out. Totally in a funk now, and I didn't even know the dog.

Heres some things that I wish I could work on for the coming weeks:

1. Try not to complain so much, lately I've felt that the only time I open my mouth anymore is to say something that is wrong or went wrong in my life today. (See above) I am getting sick of it, I want to contribute more to the conversation than a list of my aches and pains.

2. Start a playgroup for stay-at-home moms in my area. The closest one is miles away and with the primary breadwinner needing the car to travel to and from work it would just be impossible to make it. So against my better sanity judgement I want to start my own playgroup to meet my needs. Also maybe start a non-for-profit to help people cope with the loss of their animals......