Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Updates

I fell that I should tell you all out there in the webby world that hubby has found some temporary work. I am feeling a smidgen less depressed and angst ridden so I am getting things done. A couple more temporary jobs like this and we should be able to skate along for awhile with little trauma. In fact if he can leapfrog from temporary position to temporary position like he is next year he may actually earn a full year's salary. Things are looking up.

My garden has been planted again and so far so good. Our weather has steadied out a bit and the cold weather plantings are growing great guns. I may actually get something from them this year. A dead tree in our year has provided me with fodder for a raised bed next year. So hopefully next year my garden will do even better. I have some hopes that we will get there soon! Planting blackberries and more raspberries next year as well. Making a De-facto fence in the back part of the garden. Near the elderberries which we had so many of this year there was too many to pick and the birds got to eat a whole bunch of them, so that's good. Need to go weed soon so that I can plant garlic and onions for next year.

Crafting a lot working some fairs and such. Making a little bit of extra cash there and cleaning houses too. Lil 'un is in preschool part time for some much needed socialization. Plus it gives me more time to work on things that need to be done. Like housecleaning.

Lil 'un's birthday is coming up as well and because hubby is working I was actually able to get him some birthday gifts this year. Yule may still be so so as far as gifts go but at least he's getting some special things for his birthday.

Spiritually I think I'm in a good place. I feel much less like a weeping petulant child and can do my magic with gusto again. Energy is working for me now that I have less negativity clogging my channels. I'm back to my center again and it feels so good, I feel really grateful for that! Taking the time to tend my spiritual garden as it were. Reading again which fell away with other hobbies during the dark months. All in all feeling much happier with myself.