Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Life has Been Eaten

I should apologize for the longer than expected hiatus, but I had forgotten that December 20th was the release date for the new Star Wars MMO......which we per-ordered and got early access to. I have a level 50 already working on a second and have another alt that I am playing when I have the time. Housework is up to date now after a week of being less than stellar, and as always I am spending a lot of time with kiddo but that doesn't leave much time for sleep or anything else for that matter. Like this blog it has all gone out the window while Star Wars eats my life. I haven't put much thought into what I would be posting here lately, but who knows how much longer I will love the story of the Smuggler and her trusty companion who get married and never speak again. (I swear I'm not obsessing). Look forward to some schooling posts as little 'un and I have been back at school for the year.