Monday, October 11, 2010

A few odds and ends

Well today is national coming out day and Jason over at The Wild Hunt has a really great article I think you should check out.

I practically live at The Wild Hunt website; I love it so much. It's become my new Witchvox when it comes to Pagan news.

Mrs. B had a wonderful idea for a Samhain project (See my note below) that I am going to try out in between finishing my cloak and my household projects for fall. So far we have managed to clean out the basement which was left totally filthy by the previous owners. I have just finished painting the trim in the hallway so that we can totally re-do that and cleaned out the closet. I have about another day and a half of painting left before I can move on to replacing the railing which is in the early stages of decay. After the hallway is complete I don't know what my next project will be because I have to finish my cloak for Samhain so that I will have a costume this year that I won't freeze to death in. I am so close and I just can't make myself finish it because once I start sewing I am usually sewing day and night for a week before I stop to sleep and I am already sleep deprived!

Loving the fall weather now that the rain has ceased. Looking forward to going out into the yard to collect leaves for fall decorations and crafts. Little 'un has his own tree in the backyard that we collected a leaf from on Lughnasadh. I preserved it and now that the colors of the leaves are changing I want to gather another one so he can see the difference. One leaf will be green and one will be orange or red and then I'm going to let him explore them both, a little science for him and it will educate him on the changing seasons now that he is old enough to remember the difference.

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