Sunday, October 17, 2010

My 31 Days of Halloween Post!

Well I have been waiting to enter the giveaways the last few days because I always look at them and decide if I would like to win the giveaway or not. If I wouldn't kill for the giveaway I don't enter because I would feel bad about myself if I won while somebody who wanted it more than I did lost. It just wouldn't be right of me to do that and I think it would be bad for my karmic debt if I did enter a contest I didn't want to win just so I could say I had won something.

Giveaway #1: Is a 25.00 gift certificate to Spelled with a W, which I could always use because who doesn't need money these days? Engraved All Metal Athame & Sheath is just one of the things I would want to buy with it. You all should check out the site because all of the supplies on it are very fairly priced in this humble witches opinion.

Giveaway #3 Is a Handcrafted Tarot Story! Wow really original concept I just love the cover of the book in the example. I love it and the Tarot Written Story in a frame it cool as well.


  1. Hi came over from Mrs. B's 31 days of halloween. and I have signed up to follow you. Looking forward to going through your blog. Come visit my little blog sometime!

  2. Hello! I came from Mrs. B's! Now I'm following. Loved your post today...especially that Perfect Circle is your DH's favorite. Mine hubs agreed he would also pick that song. Can't wait to go through your blog more!