Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Meditation on Frustraiton

Frustration is a funny thing. It's brought on by not being in control of a situation which also means you cannot get rid of it. YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL; therefore you are frustrated. My hubby has been out of work for four months and cannot find a job. It's not that he isn't qualified or doesn't have skills. The job market just plain sucks, for everyone, everywhere. In a couple of months we will not be able to pay bills, because of the first time home buyer's tax credit we cannot move out of the house until January without owing the government a whole heap on money which we don't have. I don't want to move, not owning a house would only save us like $100 a month which means we'd be miserable for nothing. We still wouldn't be able to pay our bills. We won't unless he gets a good paying job, which in this economic crisis isn't looking good. We can do nothing but wait for someone to call with a job offer. Until then, frustration reigns.

So dear readers here is a call for a job for hubby:
He is a Mechanical Engineer/Drafter/Designer with 3 years job experience. He also has 2 years experience working in costumer service. He is proficient in Soilidworks, and Auto CAD. He has worked with LED lighting, Sheet medal, and Heating/Air conditioning units. He's not afraid of manual labor either! We are looking for a job in the CNY region that pays anywhere from 30-40K a year with health benefits. PLEASE HELP!

Monday, August 1, 2011

A Pagan View of Polotics

As promised I am getting political here and posting some links to other people's opinion pieces.

This first one talks about how we as a nation have forgotten the protest for our rights; not just a crazy religious agenda.

This is one with a video of Reverend Billy, it's talking about the big trouble the mama is in and how sad it is we're not stopping those responsible.

An anti-fundamentalist piece.