Monday, September 20, 2010


Getting ready for both Mabon and little 'un's birthday party this week so things are once again very hectic around my house. Lots of cleaning and organizing. Worked so hard on my article for Mrs. B and didn't the computer crash and I lost it. (Ok a little whining, still working on not complaining so much!) I had to rewrite it from my notes and memory. I haven't tried to write a well written paper like that since school and I feel that my brain is too fried to do it. I sent it off just a few minutes ago and I hope it's alright!

Looking forward to getting some household projects started this week to finish them before the cold weather sets in. Replacing the railing for the stairwell, painting hanging art and a baby gate so little 'un won't fall down the stairs if he gets out of his big boy bed at night, fixing the screen door on our porch so it won't blow open in the wind. Hoping to find some inspiration from that to post here.

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