Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Confession

Well I have a big old confession to make, it may shock you, just a little. I do not nor have I ever known how to use a sewing machine...... Oh you were hoping for something a little more exciting? Sorry but that is my big deep dark secret for the day, I'm just not that wild of a person. I know, it's sad. But. I digress..... I have never learned how to use a sewing machine. We had to do a project in Home and Careers using one but I always cheated a little and after watching the teacher thread the machine once I always let somebody else go first so I would never have to thread the thing myself. Whenever there was a problem with it somebody else always fixed it for me and well that was the only time I have ever used one of those things. It doesn't matter that I made myself a ritual cloak and mended and had tons of sewing projects over the years. I did it all by hand, I am now rather proficient at hand sewing, but not using a sewing machine which is faster and easier. I'm a total scaredy cat about them so I have never bothered with them since that one project I had to do for school. Well until tonight. Now I have this cute Sew Perfect sewing machine that hopefully has directions on how to thread it still inside and I am going to get over my fear of sewing machines. It says it virtually foolproof and I am hoping that it's true otherwise I'm screwed. I am totally technologically impaired so if something can go wrong it will, I will find a way to break it or somehow mess it up. I'm just good like that! Wish me luck!

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