Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yes I am still Alive!

Had another ruckus weekend with friends all while trying to juggle family responsibilities! Friday we had relatives from out of State come by to see the house because they hadn't seen it yet. So I was in a frenzy to clean the entire house and make it look nice. Had an almost relaxed Saturday, because of the frenzy on Friday there wasn't anything to do around the house, but we did run a few errands in the morning before it got too hot.

Sunday we went up to the Renaissance Fair in Sterling with a dozen of our friends or so. This has been a tradition for the last five years or so, we go in costume like the total geeks we are! This year I really tried and wanted to get there for the opening because I had never seen it and since I had seen everything else there a million times I wanted to see that too! Well to make a long story short we were all too unorganized to actually get out the door in time so we ended up missing it again. Ahh well we might be going back this year and if not there is always next year. I did finally get something I have wanted for the last 8 years or so....A Boudran which for anyone who doesn't know what that is it is a drum of Irish origin. Being a Kitchen Witch and all I am now able to properly drum in circle to raise energy, which is what I did last night to celebrate the full moon! I was also able to discuss with the maker of the drums and got a free lesson on how to play from her. Awesome!

Here is the website that she and her husband run:


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