Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4th Mutterings

Hope everybody had a wonderful Fourth. I ate just the right amount of food to not totally kill my diet. I walked away satisfied but did not over indulge according to my weight watchers points. I then promptly passed out for most of the next day. Still in the middle of cleaning up from the festivities because this year hubby and I went crazy and decided to have 30 of our friends and family come over for the fourth. Well guess what I learned some things here they are!

1. When you ask people to bring something please be specific, if you are not specific you will end up with people coming with crazy wonderful amounts of food that you will then have to avoid like the plague because you're on a diet gosh darn it!

2. Neutrality is not apparently an option. I tried this and that makes me wrong.

3. I have some really good friends so I shouldn't let people who don't like me get under my skin. If I tried my best to be friendly and they still hate me, it should no longer be my problem.

4. #3 isn't as easy as it should be. I like people, and I would like to be liked in return.

Also I would love to post pictures of this awesome amazing BBQ however, I was too busy to remember to take any pictures. I always do this, and I always kick myself afterwards.

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