Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Post of the Weekend

Well another crazy weekend at my house has just concluded and I thought I would pop in and list all the amazing wonderful goings on that kept me from posting sooner. Well to start off we had plans with some good friends of ours for dinner on Saturday so all week was a rush to clean and make the house look presentable which is really hard with frustration and swollen feet. (See previous post for all the details of frustration and how I am not dealing with it well!) So instead I went out with my family on Friday night and just had a lot of flight of the bumblebees on Saturday morning to get the house clean. This time I hope to be capable of keeping it up with my endless to do list for more than two weeks. I said it now I am going to do my best to be responsible and not let discomfort lead to procrastination lead to downright laziness. The dinner went well; I made this really delicious Chicken and Broccoli Braid that I learned to make at a Pampered Chef party I went to.

Then after our guests left to put their 6 month old to bed some of our younger set friends came over and we commenced the geeking out! This comprised of listening to Sublime, playing World of Warcraft, and discussing a new campaign for D&D and creating the characters until very late at night. Or early in the morning depending on how you look at it. We crashed and then spent most of the next day doing the same, with a little Magic thrown in for good measure. While everyone was doing that I took a walk with the little 'un and we went for a short ride in the swing. One of the uncles stopped by for a quick break from studying to cuddle and play with the little 'un. Who is a little ball of stress relief cause he's just great like that! Then an Auntie took little one out for the second time today while I made dinner for everyone. After dinner the little 'un went to bed and so did hubby who had developed a doozy of a headache. I'm lef up to put the finishing touches on the house and maybe find some time to unwind and have an early night. Sometime this week I hope to post my to-do list for each day and a few simple recipes.

And just for fun here is a few things I have learned in the last week:

1. Sometimes it is nice just to have people around. Yes I am totally wiped out at the end of every weekend but it's your friends that keep you from going completely off the deep end. They also give you a good reason to stop being lazy and get your house clean.

2. Friends also inspire you to embrace your inner hippie and braid your hair in a funky cool style. You get a creative outlet and figure out how your going to do your hair for the next weekend. We are planning on going to the Sterling Renaissance Festival and now I will have kick-ass hair to go along with my costume.

3. Order additional costume pieces when you get the urge even if it's December and you wont be able to use them until May. Otherwise by the time you decide to spend the money on yourself it will be too late, they wont arrive in time.

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