Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm Back

Well for the last week and a half I have been out of internet due to a router malfunction we were unable to fix in a timely fashion. So now I'm back and hopefully will be posting more regularly.

An update on my current goals:

1. School with little 'un is going well. He still refuses to answer even the simplest questions about what I'm teaching him so I'm right now just hoping that he's picking up what I want him to. He may on occasion come up and talk about something we did the previous day but if I actually ask him about it he remains silent. He does really enjoy playing with the flashcards and today he remembered that clown begins with the letter C. We also sing a lot of songs and nursery rhymes.

2. Health in general is not happening right now. I have to set the bar higher for myself so that I eventually get over the winter blahs and actually DO something about my flab. You know eat healthy and exercise?

3. Housecleaning is off and on. This week it has been better but the last two I wasn't pleased with my efforts. The house is clean enough (except for the kitchen which I am so busy in that as soon as it's clean I'm making it messy again).

4. My thoughts for what I am going to showcase at my Etsy shop are coming along, I have a great many ideas for it. I will be setting up a magical and mundane split.

Well that's all that is on my mind for now!

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