Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Many Blessings of Tribe

Well this week went to heck in a hand basket really quickly. Little 'un got that nasty cold that everybody I know has and cranky doesn't even begin to describe his mood which quickly soured my mood. By the end of the week my mood was awful and I was sick too. However; I was rescued by the tribe descending to divert little 'uns attention and cook dinner and just give me a break. Which was very welcome because I was just burned out. Hubby took care of the trash and dishes for me and the house is tolerably neat so that starting on Monday I can do my best to pick myself up by the shoe laces and go on with my schedule and schooling litte 'un. We took a break this week from school to let him rest and recover and by the end of the week I was too wiped out myself. Here's hoping!

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