Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Checking in

Not much of a post today I just wanted to check in here and keep you all updated.

1. My Etsy shop plans are moving forward. I have a couple dozen ideas that I am currently working on getting ready. I am hoping that I will have the shop up and running in time for the 31 Days of Halloween over at Mrs. B's.

2. Diet isn't happening at all very disappointed.

3. Little 'un is still having fun doing home school with me. He is now telling other people al about what he is learning about but STILL won't answer any of my direct questions. Toddlers eh?

I also have a friend who just got a hold of some kefir grains so now I have easy access to them. Looking forward to trying little 'un on it to see how his stomach takes it. Hoping that it will eventually take the place of his OJ so I can reduce his sugar intake. Household cleaning is staying on track for now despite another little bout of insomnia. Making plans in the future to have an Imbolc get-together. That's a lot of stuff on my plate!

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