Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Bunch of Things

Well here is my weekly post of everything that I can think of to write. I'll start with my round-up of updates on the things going on in my life. Hoping to hold myself accountable for the goals I make and maybe stick to them.

1. School as always is enjoyable and going well, looking forward to the end of the year so that I can see how much progress little 'un makes. Working on my thoughts on curriculum for the future as well. This works well so far but I'm trying to stay ahead of the curve.

2. The diet is not where I would like it to be, however, I am doing better than I was last week. I even found some kefir in the organics section to try. We liked it a lot and now that I know little 'un can tolerate it I'm going to do my best to get my hands on some grains so I can make it myself. Hoping that the sugar content will be less if I make it myself!

3. Well my etsy shop plans were thrown for a loop when Mrs. B posted that the 31 days of Halloween won't be happening this year at least not with her. Looking for some other options and trying to get motivated again. I am still planning on opening one I just have to actually get my butt in gear and do the hard work of collecting the materials and making the projects.

4. House is beautiful. I was able to go above and beyond the call of duty on Friday without totally killing myself so the house looks really good. I was still able to do school with little 'un and we had just a really great day. In fact it was as close to perfect I think humans can achieve.

Jason over at the Wild Hunt posted something about a Documentary on Aphrodite the other day and if you are not one of his regular readers I would encourage you to go over and check out the link that he posted. He's also currently at PantheaCon and posting his thoughts about that as well. Last but not least Sunfire at Pagan Blog Prompts has a prompt up on gardening so I think I'll share my plans here now:

This year I'm planning to overhaul my system from last year. I found that cucumbers completely overtook my onions and garlic and that peppers were the plants that did best in my soil. The corn failed because I was not aware of the certain kind of beetle that destroys it and therefore did not protect against it and lost what would have been a promising crop due to lack of knowledge. I'm expanding what I'm growing on a whole both for spiritual needs and eating needs. Cucumbers and other climbing viney plants will be getting their own fresh plot in my yard so they won't kill everything else. Adding to my strawberry patch and adding to my list of herbs. Last year with little 'un being so little I didn't want to over do it and well I ended up with a very small yield. Looking forward to another year if gardening and I keep reminding myself that I will be saving so much money this summer on my grocery bill.

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