Thursday, September 15, 2011

Quiet Riot Post

If anyone else is a fan of apron strings blog you may have already heard of her quiet riot plans; and I'm going along. September is our time to look at our home economy do and audit and see where we can cut back. Which is great because I just got our water bill. We have a brand new energy efficient water heater (it's two years old). However our water usage is just insane. I cannot fathom how we use so much water. Our usage is less than average (100 gal to the average of 130) but I think I can easily get that number lower. Little 'un only gets bathed when he looks dirty which is about three times a week. I don't bathe that often and neither does hubby. One thing I have decided to do is cut back on my laundry. I will only do laundry three days a week. I do not have to have an empty laundry basket everyday. I can let it pile up and we will still have plenty of clean clothes to wear. In fact I think that this will help me in another area of my home audit, my consumer purchases. I have many clothes I just don't wear, I'm hoping to clean them out of my closet for our summer garage sale.

I know that our energy usage is up with hubby out of work we are up later at night and on the computer more often and watching a lot more tv. I am making for myself a goal of cutting 1 hour per person per month of the quiet riot. In the end that will come out to 6 hours of cutback for each of the three people in our household. That shouldn't be too hard for us to do and it will be a big dent on our energy usage.

Our gas usage is minimal we only drive three days a week, one day for grocery shopping, one day for little 'uns rhyme time visit to the library, and one day for visiting. Obviously when hubby gets a new job that will go up drastically but I have decided that we'll tackle setting a goal for that as soon as life returns to normal.

Luxuries are another non-issue with our household. We don't have the money for any. Trash I cannot do anything about right now because now that the cold weather is back I will not be able to reliably compost. But, in the warmer months I compost and that gets us down to one bag a week. Right now it's more like three.    

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