Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Has Struck Again

I haven't posted lately because of a new goal I set with myself that I would stay positive as much as possible which my life has made rather challenging. Weddings are very stressful and it is hard to keep from just plain whining about the whole ordeal when you daily are getting calls from relatives to change details or they will be unhappy or unable to attend. Now here is the positive spin. When the day comes I (hopefully) will be too exited to even remember the drama and it won't matter to me anymore. I will be able to forget about all the boring little details and just have a good time.

Little 'un last Thursday had a doctors check and they ran some blood work on him and found that his allergies to food are much more extensive than even I was aware. He will be getting more specific testing in a few months but until then he is on a very strict diet. (No wheat, soy, dairy, eggs or citrus). This diet so far using my limited recipe list has been very expensive. He doesn't eat red meat at all in fact the only meat he is guaranteed to eat is pork. Now here is the positive spin. The whole family will be able to loose some weight, little 'un doesn't need to but hubby and I have been struggling with our weight for months. This is our chance to loose the weight in a healthy way. I will also have a good excuse for my frequent baking frenzies. I just feel bad that my son has to suffer for my curse of March.

For me it's not the ides of March to beware it's the whole fraking month! Next year I think I may just hide under my bed until it is over.

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