Monday, March 14, 2011

The Lessons of Spring

I was in a little bit of a depression spin last night that would have made communication with anyone just nasty. However little 'un just knew what to do, he dragged me outside for a bit of a romp. (Isn't he so smart?) It was just a little on the chilly side so we didn't stay out long but we managed to see the first bunny of spring (lots of tracks in the leftover snow), a large flock of geese, and cute little squirrel prints that I got to show little 'un. We sat at our uncovered picnic table for awhile and just enjoyed the fresh earthy air. Snapped me right out of my funk, feeling much better today. Isn't nice how spring just kinda does that to you? Out of the dark of winter spring arrives and everything just starts looking up; the earth warms and flowers bloom. I ordered my seeds for spring planting and it ended up costing me a lot less than I had been planning for. Looking forward to working in my garden again. Yet again the Mama just wows me with her splendor and I find the bright side of things again.

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