Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Double Double Toil and Trouble!

I'm all in a tizzy making stuffed collards for dinner tonight. My fellow tribeswoman had made it for us before Yule and now I'm trying to make them myself. I have got pots a bubbling right now with red beans and rice (organic brown rice of course!) I watched them being made last time and now feel comfortable just winging it, that's the way I normally cook. I read the recipe see what I have and what I don't and then decide from there if it would be alright to make. I call it my own special brand of cooking magic. I imbue my excitement and love into the meal as best I can, which works better if I'm not a slave to a recipe. I'll update tomorrow about how everything turned out.

I'm swiftly working away at The Way of the Horned God, that's the freebie book I got so that I could review it here. If you are also a follower of Mrs. B's you will remember the giveaway that she had there for the book. Loving it right now and looking forward to posting my review here soon!

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