Sunday, November 28, 2010


Well Thanksgiving is officially over and now the run towards Yule/Christmas can begin. I must admit while I like getting together with friends and family it just tends to overwhelm me at the end of the year. Every weekend is jam packed with parties and activities and I find it a bit much. Looking forward to the new year so that I can take some time to slow down a bit. My mother in law has been going out of her way to make this year particularly stressful. She has this just great habit of sitting on her duff and doing nothing but giving orders and complaining. That is when she's not taking over my duties as mother to little 'un. Which makes life fun for those of us who are rushing around trying to get things done. I am usually more tolerant of her antics but right now I just don't have the patients for it. Hoping in the next week or so to have all my holiday plans cemented to that I can start the preparations early. Last year we moved in a week before Christmas so there wasn't much planning. I am rather exited to have the time this year to do some crafts and baking and actually buy my own decorations!

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