Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Don't forget the Eggs!

Well I was baking today then I realized that I didn't have any eggs. For those of you who bake on a regular basis you know how important eggs are to baking. In fact I think you need at least one egg for baking anything. Yup I can't think of one recipe for cookies or pie or bread that doesn't require egg. Now aren't I silly. I guess the pumpkin pie will just have to wait. So will the banana bread I was planning on making with little 'un when he woke up from his nap. I already did all my housework for today and even a little extra and was baking to fill in the empty hours between the end of nap time and bedtime tonight. Oh well, hubby is running out anyway so that he can get some new work pants. He grew out of his old ones (I guess I can blame all my baking).

Working on planning Thanksgiving, which will be at my house this year so that the only family with small children won't have to run all over Timbuktu for the holidays. We usually host to avoid unnecessary traveling with little 'un, it's just too much for him to go all over visiting. For Christmas we usually do each side of the family's one special Christmas dinner and save Yule and Christmas day for resting and spending time together as a family. Yes we celebrate both Yule (or the Winter Solstice for those not in the know) and Christmas. While my family is Pagan we do have many Christian relatives and Christmas is a part of our family tradition.

So to close out this post here is something I learned today:

1: When you plan on doing baking DON'T forget the eggs!

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