Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Cooking Post

For my next post for the Countdown I am posting my "recipe" for chicken soup. Little 'un has that nasty cold that has been going around so I made this soup for him so that I could make sure he was getting veggies as well as fruit while he was sick. Plus now that the weather is turning colder it's soup season anyway!

2 cans (or 32 oz) of Chicken Broth (I used my homemade kind but any type will do.)
1 quart of water
Chicken pieces (I used chicken tenders but again anything will do.)
8 oz Lentils
3 cups rice
2 cups corn (I used frozen)
1 cup green beans (I used frozen)
1 onion
Garlic Powder
all to taste

Mix together the chicken broth and water. Into the mix place the chicken pieces cut up to your preference. Bring this to a boil; stir frequently so that the meat does not burn. To this add the rice a lentils. (Don't forget to rinse.) Let this cook for up to one hour. Keep stiring! Add any frozen vegetables, if you are using them. Let boil for another hour. Then add the onion and remove the pot from the heat covered. Serve!

And whatever you do don't be so worried about taking care of your sick little 'un that you forget to stir too long and scorch the lentils! It will take a ton of spices to cover the taste!

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