Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blog Action Day 2011

Well the pictures and info are still coming in from our local Occupy movement so I think I'll wait on that post until I have more. However for all of you out there in the know today is Blog Action Day 2011. There is so much that I WANT to say about food and how important it is.

It's Spiritual:

 On a very basic level we eat the produce of the earth and as a Pagan that makes it a very meaningful spiritual experience. When it's fresh grown from my garden it becomes more of a ritual than a meal. The God and Goddess sharing of their bodies that my body may thrive. It's something I like to share with both my friends and family. Family meal time is so important (ask anyone), and having good food to share is important too. Give me food from my own garden, from my own hard work, and transport me to heaven. When I get to share it I hope that I share the trip!

It's Political:
In the U. S. there is a famine, we lack good healthy food. Corporations have come in and taken land from Mom and Pop farmers to plant hyper pesticide GMO food to feed to the masses. That is then processed beyond recognition before they send it to super markets all over the country. Not only does this pollute our water and air, it pollutes our dinner tables. These same corporations want our politicians to turn a blind eye to what they are doing. They want to git rid of the EPA because it infringes on their "right" to pollute the air everybody breathes, and the water they drink, and the food that they eat. How much can these corporations give to those running for office? How much can a small farmer raising organic fruits and vegetables give?

It should be a Basic Human Right:
Right now it would cost 30 billion dollars to feed every person on Earth for a year. Now that does sound like a lot of money doesn't it? That's how much  first world countries spend on their military every eight days. Food is a basic need for survival, and it should be a basic human right. Enough food for you and your family so they no longer suffer from hunger and not so much that you become obese and unhealthy. There is enough food and money to feed every person on Earth, why then do so many know hunger?     

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