Monday, April 18, 2011

Too Much Surfing

Hello, well as usual I have been doing too much surfing and not enough writing here. However, I am done procrastinating for this day and am going to post some relevant stuff.

Found this really great headband that is wide enough to call a head covering and I am wearing it most days. When I am in a rush or when it's only going to be me and little 'un for the day I don't bother getting out my prettier more complicated scarves and veils. I also ordered online some more scarves. One is similar to a charity veil only it has a tie along the brim so I won't have to struggle with a safety pin! The other one is a snood for all intensive purposes and I am exited to find out how well they fit and stay. I am so sick of having my head covering slide down in the middle of my day and having to fiddle with it and then go back to the mirror to fix it.

On a different topic put in the same theme I have gone a searching for Hestia. Found some beautiful prayers to her online that I will over the next few months I will be adding to my weekly spiritual practice. Like my bodhran playing with a large house to clean and a little one running around plus a wedding to plan I don't beat myself up about not doing it everyday. Once a week is all I can do right now; in the future when my life allows for more I will commit more of my time to my spiritual garden like I could do when I was younger. Right now I light a candle say a quick prayer and go on about my day letting the candle (safely) burn out on it's own if my future mother-in-law doesn't snuff it out. (More about that later)

That's all for now!

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