Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Hello out there in blog world. Just checking in here for the day while I have a lazy Sunday afternoon. Wedding plans will just have to wait until Wednesday when I will be caught up on the housework once again. I have been having one really productive week followed by one really lazy (only doing enough to get by) week. I hate feeling lazy but I am working up to my normal crazy summer routine slowly; that's how I work and I am going to just allow myself to take my dear sweet time getting motivated. I got my blueberries and raspberries planted this weekend along with all the herbs in my greenhouse.

Planning on contacting a friend for some Kefir grains in the near future. Hope I will be up to the task! You cannot slack on this stuff or all your hard work will be ruined. Still trying to find recipes that the whole family can enjoy without breaking my budget. No small task. I am full of the desire to get going and work hard and be accomplished, however, I am still holding onto my winter lethargy. Everyday I look out and see more squirrels, birds, and even my chipmunk have returned to life (and my yard) so I know I can't be far behind. So exited for Beltaine already. Eagerly awaiting my first outdoor ritual since Samhian, and my Elder trees continued growth. Trying to commit to playing the Bodhran once a week for at least 15 minutes. Failed this past week but going to pick it up again sometime tonight.

Still on this confusing spiritual journey with Hestia. Hopeful and trying my best to be patient with the process. Headcovering not at all going how I expected but I feel right now it is the right thing to do. Trying to figure out how they all work for me, and what styles just don't do the job. Having some trouble with them sliding back and pining them in place correctly. I plan to make some more for myself and buy some more to see how I like them.

See you all at some later date!

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