Monday, December 27, 2010

I have Survived!

Well I have survived the Yule Christmas rush around again this year. Despite my mother-in-laws best tries at manipulating hubby and I into running all over the place at her behest we have resisted. This time of year sends her into overdrive with the "I MUST SEE YOU EVERY SINGLE DAY!" bs that just plain drives me nuts. Looking forward to a quiet week of clean-up and getting back onto schedule. Little 'un got 3 train sets for Christmas and he loves every one of them! We all have been having fun with them. Reading has been put off for the most part because new toys have taken over the house.

I'm planning on getting him on a more involved schooling schedule in the new year. He now knows his ABC's and can count to 15 so I think hes ready for more difficult schoolwork. So I'm really looking forward to that! I am also working on weight loss in the coming year, I have been working on finding a diet plan that works for months now and I'm hoping to lose at least 30 pounds. Here's a list of all the things I'm going to be working on in the next few weeks:

1. Furthering my education in the areas of health and nutrition. This is very important to me, I want my family to be healthy and eat well. We have cut back on eating out, salt and fat. I'm hoping to be soon making all our own pasta and bread. Maybe even things like kefir and yogurt.

2. As always work hard on homeschooling with little 'un. I have all the materials gathered together and a schedule worked out. Now I will put it into practice and see how it works; tweak it if I need to and make it as best as I can!

3. Add in some me time to everyday. Less stress more time with the Goddess it's a win win situation. Meditation, yoga, ritual and prayer are all things that I need to have more of in my life. I'm going to make time for them.

4. As a part of number three; get more sleep. Again I will feel better and less stressed and it's something that will make life better for me and my whole family. Little 'un especially siffers from my lack of sleep in the for of lack of patients for him being a toddler.

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