Monday, December 13, 2010

Ahh Yes

I didn't get buried in Yuletide crap yet! Sunday was busy but due to inclement weather some of the guests had to choose to stay home for their safety. We still had a good time with those who did make it. We had a great meal (I gave my kitchen over to a "sister") of stuffed collards and homemade salsa. Plus all the cookies I busted my hump baking and decorating (in the case of my favorite sugar high cookies) for the party. We just hung out and had a good time; drinking mulled wine and having good drunken conversation. Exchanged some gifts and enjoyed each others company. It really did me some good because by the time the party happened I was just a little burned out. There wasn't much left to do but I didn't even have to ask and it was done. I got a whole day to do nothing but what I was looking forward to doing and nothing that I wasn't so a major stress relief for me. Today after hubby came home we decorated our Yule tree with lights and bulbs and some really nice fruit decorations my grandmother gave me because she wasn't using them, pictures will be forthcoming.

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