Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Best Laid Plans!

I had every intention of putting up a nice post about my informal home school with my little 'un but as always my best intentions were put aside. Family just up and showed up in the middle of the week and will be here until this weekend. Then one of our tribesmen had a personal crisis and needed my counsel. All in all life just plain got int the way with my plans to post on my blog for awhile. However, whining aside, here is what I planned to post a week ago:

My Home Schooling:

1 hour a day of reading and looking at books (I break this up into 15-30 minute periods of time throughout the day)

1 Hour of mommy and me playtime

1 hour of independent play (at least thats what I am working up to)

10 minutes of chores each day

30 minutes of music

30 minutes of working with numbers

1-2 fun time activities

Now what do I mean by fun time activities? Well this is things that little 'un likes to do either by himself or with me. Coloring, playing with clay, running around outside, going to the library looking at books on his own, dancing/listening to some extra music (tapes or the radio), having a play date, going to story time, visiting family ect. This is what gives him a well rounded finish to his day. This ensures that he has a lot of things to keep him busy during the day and his attention will not waver.

That being said onto the next topic! My garden is right now overflowing with good stuff to eat! I did everything wrong and it still came out alright, in fact it is better than alright! I am very exited and cannot wait until next year when I will have more time to devote to the care and keeping of my garden. It might even get weeded more than once! Now that I know what does well in my soil and what doesn't I expect next year to be an even more bountiful harvest. Plans are in the works for a list of things to grow next year which if my best intentions are not thwarted again should be showing up on this blog in the not too distant future!

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