Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Well we celebrated Lughnasadh over the weekend with a few friends, grilling playing games and just generally enjoying the first harvest from my garden. I harvested enough basil to dry for winter and also made some herbal oils for cooking and ritual workings. Plus lots of very hot peppers and cucumber. I will wait until fall to pick some for pickling right now we are just going to enjoy them as they are. Little 'un and I were outside and running around before the flowers woke up that morning and we listened to the wind chimes and picked flowers (Queen Anne's lace one of my favorites!) and visited our fairy tree. The tree was nice enough to part with a leaf so that I could press and dry it and when fall comes and the leaves start to change color I can show little 'un how the seasons change. Then later that night after everyone else had gone to bed I did my normal solitary ritual in my little grove of elder trees. Very productive I thought and very soothing.

Little 'un still has a nasty cough leftover from his cold and can't seem to get over it. I'm giving him lots of extra baths still but he's back to his over active self. Though he isn't above an "I Love You" shouting match now and then. My poor kitten Bast has done something nasty to her eye and won't open it anymore, I will have to take her to the vets sometime soon.

And I would also like to leave you with some new things I have learned:

1. Despite my frustration with life sometimes I am really grateful for a lot of things in my life here is the list in no real order:
Family and friends
Animals of all shapes and sizes

2. Apparently waffles make me fat, I removed them from my diet and lost weight. I however did not exercise and ate more fast food than I care to admit to all while enjoying a reasonable amount of soda. So eating healthier isn't really necessary I just have to cut out carbs as much as possible.

3. Heres the thing, that is almost impossible for me I love bread, and muffins and cookies and potatoes and pasta. At least I can have whole wheat crackers and pasta but not potatoes and waffles and I have to start making that awful tasting honey whole wheat bread instead of my favorite Italian. This makes me a little sad.

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