Sunday, March 11, 2012

Epiphiany at 2 am

Epiphany is a funny thing, especially at nearly two am when I am supposed to be asleep. Celebrated my birthday this past week and partied until I couldn't stand straight anymore and now I cannot sleep. My dread of March hasn't lessened from last year but so far it's been fairly tolerable. Considering the past year with all it's downs and not many ups I think I deserved the break. Despite my lack of posting here I am still on a totally unique personal spiritual journey even if Star Wars is eating my life. I am getting ready for spring and a massive upgrade to my garden. Planing this year with a friend who just bought a house last fall and has a love of organic gardening that rivals my own. Also looking forward to canning in the fall. And possibly chickens next year sometime. Lil 'un has been asking for a year for some and I can only say no for so long.......I have a little farmer boy in the making. Epiphany in the middle of the night that in vegan cooking they use eggs substitutes that lil 'un may actually not be allergic to so I should maybe invite my vegan friend over for a cooking lesson. She is Puerto Rican and her enchiladas are unmatched. If I am up at such a crazy hour again maybe I'll post how it goes.

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