Saturday, November 5, 2011

An Ode to Candles

I just ran out of candles a few weeks ago, which for me is rally weird because I'm a little bit of a pyromaniac. I have candles of all kinds for all seasons and reasons. I've lighted tea light once a week for years on my altar and it's a total habit in times of stress and I just ran out for the first time ever. Then I took the last of our gift certificates from the wedding and headed over to Pier One and bough a few. Enough to last me at least half of the coming year. Many colors and sizes too just like I like them. Then come to find out it wasn't a gift certificate for $50 like I had thought but a full $100. Sweet! Yes I am going to spend $100 on candles because I love them. Am I a little weird you better believe it!

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