Monday, November 21, 2011

Animal stories

Now I am really not complaining but my lil 'un does this thing where he focuses on something like, SUPER focuses. On a three word paragraph that he expects me to repeat over and over and over again until I'm ripping my hair out, clawing at my eyes and begging, no pleading with him to say something else! Two whole hours spent on the couch going over pleasantries between toys, and no attempt to steer him away from the subject works.  SUPER FOCUS! If running around in circles is what he wants to do he SUPER FOCUSES on doing that in as many ways as he can until he's dizzy and can't stand up anymore. (He still tries he just is too dizzy) If reading is what he wants to do for the day we read all day, until my eyes bleed! I always require him to sit and read with me for 15 minutes a day, then after that he can bounce dance run around or whatever he likes. But, I have read to him on days where he wants to read for two hours, how many toddlers whant to sit still and read for two hours? I mean really? SUPER FOCUS!

Now his new thing to do for hours is follow me around telling me amusing stories. It started with Taco Stories, where the basic gist is Once upon I time I was at the Taco Store and it goes on from there. And we talk about how the things in the story made him feel, or if a character was nice or mean. He usually tells me at least three always asking "Do you want to hear another Taco Story?". I always say yes. Now it's Animal Stories "Once upon a time I was riding my elephant...." it goes on to say where he and his elephant went and what they saw or did. He often falls off the elephant somehow and he is either broken or OK. The elephant acts accordingly. FOR TWO HOURS. Sometimes you just want a little peace and quiet you know? But I just can't discourage him, he's so adorable! Too smart for his own good. I have to lock the bathroom door because when I go to cook dinner (you know raw meat) he goes climbs the shelves in the cabinet to eat the toothpaste. Which he then hides so I don't figure out what he's been up to. Just have had my hands full with him lately really. End of rant , thank you.

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