Thursday, May 12, 2011

Prompt: Book of Shadows

I'm just in a really rotten mood lately and haven't wanted to post here much about all the things I feel lousy about so I went over to Pagan Blog Prompts to check out what they had for us today.

My Book of Shadows

Well my Book of Shadows isn't just one book it's many. I have three now and they are a recording of my development in the Craft. All are store bought however I also bought markers and stickers to make them my own. I like to think of them as my own personal history. The first one has my first ever attempt at writing my own spell. Plus all my celebrations of the Wheel of Year from 2000- 2003. There are the correspondence tables and quotes that I like. In the back I also made a quick God and Goddess reference table for on the go rituals and prayers. This book of shadows was before I was called by my first personal Goddess Brigid. I have inserts with my name meaning and prayers included in there as well. Although I acquired them after I had moved on to my second BOS. My second BOS documents my journey with Brigid and my herbal lore and learning. It also includes my ritual celebrations from 2003-2008. Which marked the end of the Brigid learning time and moved me into the first communication with Hestia. At the time she was an unknown Goddess because I had mainly worked within the Celtic framework and had little to no knowledge of the lore of other traditions. My third BOS is well still mostly new in my opinion. When little 'un was born I had a break from ritual because I totally devoted myself to his care and needs, now that he is older (and sleeping through the night) I am back to doing rituals but for whatever reason have not been recording them like I used to, some of it is most are just quickly thrown together and not as intricately planned because I don't have to look everything up before I do it. This book of shadows contains some more complicated correspondence tables and a few quotes and is otherwise empty. I hadn't thought about it in awhile and am feeling a sadness that I don't use my Book of Shadows like I used to. I use the old ones for a reference or two but other than that I don't touch them. They are sitting with all my books on my altar/bookcase untouched but maybe that will soon change!

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  1. Sorry to hear you've been feeling down about life, and this as well. I do hope you had a chance to sit with your books more often.