Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Im Back

Well I had a really wacky Beltane we ended up having a fire BBQ and watching geeky movies with our friend's really nice projector. Circled and everything too; indoors because our circle was under a foot or two of water. Little 'un met another little 'un and made a good friend. They played all day and I haven't seen him have this much fun with a little person since his two best friends moved away. All in all my Beltane was a fun relaxing wonderful day.

Wedding is still really stressful. Hubby lost his job which doesn't help. Just feeling spiritually and emotionally drained right now. Working through a few conflicting emotions right now. Just trying to keep my head above water. Looking forward to my Bridal Shower this weekend. I have such a shopping bug right now because I can't shop. But; with the extra money I think I will get myself something small to git rid of the urge.

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