Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm Back Again

So I survived the whole wedding ordeal. Going to post something longer about it with pictures later on this week when I am more recovered. I am mostly there but still a little sleep deprived. (Then again when am I not?) I won't be getting back to my regular routine in cleaning and schooling until next week. Right now I am working on getting the house recovered and picked up from the celebration and my break from cleaning before the wedding. As much as I hated to I also took a break from school with the little 'un because I was a total mess and we were not getting anywhere with it. So here is a list of all that I am hoping to have up and running by Monday of next week:

School: We will go back to our normal routine of reading for 15-30 minutes five days a week, plus a quick introduction to a letter or number on specific days. Adding in for the time being all lot of behavioral work, he stayed with the grandparents on our wedding night and when he spends time away from home he gets a little bratty. Well bratty is an understatement, the tantrums and outright disobedience are just not like him. He gets away without a word running into the street and not holding hands when going down the stairs with the grandparents but not with me.

Housekeeping: Getting back to routine. No slacking on chores just because I have other things I would rather be doing.
Mondays: Wiping down all appliances, focused cleaning of the kitchen, dishes, wash laundry hang it out to dry, fold it and put it away. School. Wipe down dining room table and sweep floor for little 'un crumbs. Litte 'un bath night.
Tuesdays: Dust and clean glass, focused cleaning of living room, extra pick-up and organization, wash laundry hang it out to dry, fold it and put it away. School. Dishes, wipe down dining room table.
Wednesdays: Clean both bathrooms, scrub tub and toilets. School. Wash dishes, wipe down dining room table and sweep floor. Wash laundry hang it out to dry, fold and put it away. Little 'un bath night. (I like Wednesdays)
Thursdays: Sweep and mop hard floors. Focused cleaning in the library. School. Wash dishes, wipe down dining room table. Wash laundry hang it out to dry, fold it and put it away.
Fridays: Vacuum carpets. Focus cleaning bedrooms. School. Wash dishes, wipe down dining room table, sweep floor. Wash laundry and hang it up, fold it and put it away.
Gardening especially on weekends but otherwise off.

Spiritual: I stuck to my normal routine even with the wedding. Head covering, lighting candles, cooking and baking. Rituals and celebrating the wheel of year. Adding as often as I can bodhran playing, working on my Gaelic. Trying to be good to the mama and show her respect.

Etsy: Got a great many things put together, now I have to actually take pictures of the stuff and open shop. I also have a lead on booths for fairs over the summer. Looking good for me hopefully hubby will be able to find some more contracting work, or even better a job with benefits.

Wow really long post today, more in a few days.

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